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The Finish Line for "One On The Run"

In March, Helene Neville contacted me about my social media consulting service. She was looking for some help with her upcoming run from coast to coast and needed it fast, no pun.

What she could offer me in exchange is a chance to share her unbelievable story with the online world and make some great connections along the way. I was just starting out in my consulting business, so I knew that I’d be remiss to pass this opportunity up, especially after talking to Helene at length about her story and motivation.

She is truly an amazing person and one of a kind.

I’ve never met anyone as inspirational as Helene Neville.  In fact, it’s not even close. I know that every time I tell someone her story, I’ll be watching their jaw drop more and more as I go on.

Despite everything she has accomplished, she really could not be more humble about it. She’ll tell you her motivations and you can read plenty about them, but my favorite is one I’ve only heard a couple times. She wanted to give her family memories of her in good health and good shape after spending so much time in a hospital bed.

I think you did it Helene. 93 marathons in 93 days?  Skipping the gym because we’re too tired doesn’t really cut it anymore for everyone who has watched what you’ve accomplished this summer.

Helene’s record breaking run ended on August 1st, but she is far from done spreading her message of healthy living and hope. She’s got some big plans and I will make sure to be a part of them, in any way I can.

I bet you can’t wait to see what she does next!

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