Social Media and Sports Part I

By Ross Trumble – Digital Revolution AZ Sports and Social Media are a natural fit, no doubt about it. Even the casual fan associates a certain part of their own identity with a team, on game day. For the fanatic, […]

Facebook Privacy For Ninjas

Alright it’s not really for Ninjas, but you might feel like one after mastering all the options they provide. Facebook has recently seen some push back against the platform’s attempts to “socialize” a lot of its users’ personal info. I […]

Geeks On the Loose June 30th

by Ross Trumble – Digital Revolution Media To everyone who thinks this is just an average day, you’re sadly mistaken. Later on this evening, cities around the country will see a dangerous breed hit the streets in mass: Geeks. We […]

Part II – Why I Gave My Job the Middle Finger

by Ross Trumble – Digital Revolution Media In Part I of this 2 part series, I did not mention what it was that I had going on the side. The Blackberry and unauthorized work computer use was not for the […]