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Preview: Genae Girard on InfoWars

Ross Trumble -Digital Revolution

August 3rd, 2011

I’ve worked with cancer survivor, author and entrepreneur Genae Girard in several capacities over the past year or so and have been waiting for the opportunity to pitch her to The Alex Jones Show because I’ve always thought it would be an appropriate audience for her story.

Yesterday I received the news that the lawsuit against Myriad Genetics and the US Patent Office, which she joined with the ACLU to file, had hit a roadblock in the US Court of Appeals. The court has upheld the patent that Myriad has on two genes associated with breast cancer. Genae is a survivor and because of this patent, could only get one opinion before making a decision on life changing surgery.

Using my super-ninja skills, I was able to get her booked for today to discuss the future of this case and the consequences of this ruling for cancer patients.

She’ll be on the controversial radio show, also known as InfoWars today at approximately 11:05 am Pacific Time. You can tune in over the net using this link.

I’ll also have a youtube version available later today.

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