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Phoenix Attorney Nick Alcock Sharing Through YouTube

Ross Trumble –Digital Revolution

It’s extremely rare to work with a client and business owner who just “gets it.” When I started working with Attorney Nick Alcock of Alcock & Associates, I saw a great opportunity to use the medium of YouTube to capture the attention of people in Phoenix who were looking for more information about the legal process for various reasons.

YouTube Recording Studio at Alcock & Associates

Alcock specializes in DUI, Criminal, Accident/Injury and Immigration cases. Since we started working together in April, his firm has gained thousands of fans on Facebook and Twitter. He’s also recorded and uploaded almost 300 YouTube videos. Yes, you read that last part right, 300!

Nick’s videos, which he has set up his own recording studio to produce, are extremely helpful and full of information that most attorneys in the Phoenix area would either charge for or at least require an initial consultation to hear.

The web presence for Alcock & Associates is unmatched in Phoenix and Nick tells me that his content is getting quite a bit of notice from all over the country.

Expect more of the same quality content from Nick Alcock in 2012.

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