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Geeks On the Loose June 30th

by Ross Trumble – Digital Revolution Media

To everyone who thinks this is just an average day, you’re sadly mistaken. Later on this evening, cities around the country will see a dangerous breed hit the streets in mass: Geeks. We will be armed with smart phones, t-shirts with twitter handles printed on them and the most heavily armed will have laptops in bags slung over their shoulders.

Consider this a warning.

Be on high alert if you hear any of the following, “tweekdeck,” “hashtag,” “retweet,” “un-friend,” “Mayor of Starbucks,” “met him/her on facebook, twitter, yelp etc,” “youtubed it,”  “public profile” and “facebook stalker.” These are all indications that you want to leave the premises immediately and seek out the warm glow of your television.

We have named this day “Social Media Day” in honor of an extremist website called “Mashable.” As a social media insider, I can assure you that none of these Geeks will attack unprovoked, but if agitated are capable of making any image or video of you go “viral” instantly.

Local authorities are advising all the normal people to stay in their homes tonight as a precaution.

Here is a link to the covert affiliate website that is harboring information about the meeting place for the Phoenix AZ syndicate of  Geek Extremists.

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