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A Second Look at Google Plus and Why Your Website Needs it

by Ross Trumble Digital Revolution I was admittedly an early harsh critic of Google Plus or “Google+” and still have my reservations about it, but I think I’ve finally seen the light when it comes to this Social Network. Google […]

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Phoenix Attorney Nick Alcock Sharing Through YouTube

Ross Trumble –Digital Revolution It’s extremely rare to work with a client and business owner who just “gets it.” When I started working with Attorney Nick Alcock of Alcock & Associates, I saw a great opportunity to use the medium […]

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Author Genae Girard on The Alex Jones Show

-Ross Trumble –Digital Revolution August 5th, 2011 Earlier this week, I previewed this interview, giving my take on how an appearance on the controversial radio show called InfoWars, also known as The Alex Jones Show, would be beneficial to Genae […]


Preview: Genae Girard on InfoWars

Ross Trumble -Digital Revolution August 3rd, 2011 I’ve worked with cancer survivor, author and entrepreneur Genae Girard in several capacities over the past year or so and have been waiting for the opportunity to pitch her to The Alex Jones […]

Google+ Gender Gap

Google+ and the Gender Gap

by Ross Trumble –Digital Revolution Yesterday, Mashable published an eye opening piece on the huge disparity between male and female users of Google+. The theory given for this development was that “with around 60% of users identifying themselves as web […]


Tech and Politics: Turkey Lifts YouTube Ban (Mashable)

Imagine your country banning the #2 most used search engine in the world and home to countless online channels that can’t be found anywhere else. That’s exactly what Turkey did in May 2008. The ban is being lifted as of […]

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HOW TO: Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

This is a fantastically written article I found on Mashable today. It lays out perfectly how Social Media fits into the time-tested marketing strategy of AIDA. I plan on sharing this with a lot of business owners who want to […]


Mashable: Why Twitter Is a Big Win for Small Businesses

I am a big advocate of Twitter for business. It is the fastest way to spread info about your business, interests, location and target your audience. I predict with all the changes Twitter is implementing that their growth will begin […]