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Author Genae Girard on The Alex Jones Show

-Ross Trumble –Digital Revolution

August 5th, 2011

Author Genae Girard

Earlier this week, I previewed this interview, giving my take on how an appearance on the controversial radio show called InfoWars, also known as The Alex Jones Show, would be beneficial to Genae Girard, who is currently in a legal battle with Myriad Genetics and the U.S. patent office over human gene patenting. This case should ultimately end up going to the United States Supreme Court.

Alex hit just about every angle in his questioning and Genae performed marvelously. I’d love to take credit, but there was very little coaching needed on my part.

I hope that the millions of listeners will push for an outcry againt the recent ruling against Girard and her lawsuit with the ACLU. I have yet to encounter one person who thinks that justice has been served to this point.

As promised, here are the videos, which have 1000’s of views less than 48 hours later.



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